Tuesday, March 13, 2012

moving on

yes, me too in the list..

i see all my friends moving on to wordpress. so i too decided to move on. i strongly fell that i need to be updated . so guys you can find me in


Monday, March 12, 2012

i hate chocolates..

i am soooooooooo happy. My daughter doesn't seem to like chocolates or sweets. She spits out if i try to give her Munch or Dairy milk. She likes to eat Idili with pickle, Dosa with chicken gravy. she will not take her food if i forget to add ghee in it. 10 months old has already developed taste for food and makes us follow her menu.

good news is that, my daughter gave her first kiss yesterday. :) .

Friday, March 09, 2012

womens day special. i am back.

finally i am back.. back to blogging, back to work, back to vizag. Now i can be more systematic, and have everything going in time.

Today is my first day in office. I started little early keeping in mind the heavy traffic. In spite of precautions i was late. things have changed a little in office. New people have joined. old once welcomed me with a smile. drastic change was to see my place taken by someone else. I was in my office and i didn't have a place to sit. finally few arrangements were made, and i got a new seat and my system back.

leaving back office,
Best part is that, i am not thinking much of my baby. i dont really know if its a good sign or bad sign. I am so engrossed with changes and things to be followed up, that i forgot about her. once in a while i think about her and want to call home and ask about her whereabouts. but feeling little awkward to call too many times as it might make my in-laws insecure. they might think that i am worried in spite of they taking good care of her. i want to ask if she ate her food, but cant question mother-in-law if she fed my daughter properly. how do i ask my baby if she is taken care of properly or not?

anyways first day gone. let me see how things move on from now.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"APPA"- is the first word

"APPA"- is the first word and world for my daughter.
now i realize how my mother feels when i say, " Appa first, Amma next". i am happy that my daughter has uttered her first word. but, sad that, its APPA and and not AMMA in spite of looking after her day and night. :(

Saturday, December 31, 2011

thane effect on my house

just in front of my house , a jumbo tree fell and broke my window.

Friday, December 23, 2011

b'day special

yesterday was like a flash back time in life. I just can’t express how happy I was. How does it feel, when you meet almost all your school friends on your birthday?. All the childhood events come like a flash in your memory.

I was luck as one of my friends got married yesterday and all my friends who are in india made it for the wedding. Best part was everyone remembered it’s my b’day.

Where ever I went, school or college , I always had another person celebrating their b’day with me. It was Ms.D at school and ,Ms. N at college.

At home, my darling hubby bought black forest cake. As I was lazy and feeling sleepy at night, it was decided the cake will be cut in morning. How funny it is? I went open the door when my husband came back from office and he handed me the cake cover. because of this ulcer problem, i didn't even taste the cake. So there was no surprise. But ya he got me a gold mango shaped pendant, studded with kemp stone. So, I spared him.

Thanks to Ms.R, who decided on have her wedding reception on my b’day. Made it my day after so many years.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Friday, December 02, 2011

Aval Oru Thodar Kathai (English: She's a Never Ending Story)

It started with a stomach ache. It was confirmed that I was pregnant. Within two months, faced a spotting with abortion threat. read here. Later after seven months, had to travel back home as dad had a heart attack. Then I got admitted twice for false labor. This time scan report read my baby had Splenomegaly. After a month, went into actual labor. Though it was normal delivery, baby fell sick. Days in NICU is yet another story.

Then things were good for few days. Then again the sleepless nights started putting both me and my mom in trouble. People asked me to be on strict and right on my diet. But , hunger during the lactating period!!! I ended up eating samosa’s , poori, mixture, tamarind rice, etc etc. end of the day, I had gastritis and got admitted in hospital. Thought it was just a day. But I started getting stomach pain in the middle of nights constantly and was getting admitted in night and got discharged as I had feed my baby. This repeated for two weeks. Finally one of the senior doctors advised me to take a scan and endoscopy.

Scan report said that I had gall stones. Its called multiple Cholelithiasis . And had to go to Chennai, empty stomach to get endoscopy done. That’s worst thing I say. I had vomiting sensation throughout the day. It was detected that I had reflex gastritis, my food pipe, stomach and duodenum all three were infected.

I just can’t say the trouble I went through. I can’t eat as my stomach is infected. But if I don’t eat, I develop gastritis. To ensure gastritis reduces, my gall bladder has to produce bile. Because of the stone it’s not able to produce proper bile. I ended up with low Blood pressure and low immunity. Got typhoid. Again was admitted in hospital for a week. my husband and father had to bring baby to hospital when ever i need to feed her. she wont sleep without me next to her. faced a real hell. my ward was next to pediatric ward.when ever i see a baby cry, i couldn't stop crying. it was very first time i was away from my daughter.

Now I am little better. I have started taking homeopathy medicines. Have to wait and see the developments. Poor baby got really affected. Couldn’t feed her, as I was hospitalized. She was given cow’s milk, farex. Baby stared getting diarrhea and diaper rashes and cold. It’s like all problem in world has come to me and my family. Its not even a week, when I have not visited hospital. Hope at least next year would be a good year for me. A healthy and prosperous year.

even now i get pain once in a while. have to got hospital get and IV injection done. and then it gets set after a hour or two. baby has become insecure that i might leave her again. so, she doesn't leave me at all. i am forced to take leave now. hope there will be an end to this story.